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Just wanted to thank anyone and everyone who sent me a letter or package or both over the past two years!!! It means soo much to know I have soo many people thinking of me and supporting me while I have been here. As much as I would love to continue to receive letters and packages, I am finishing my service very soon and will be heading back to the states June 6th. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING!!! I WILL NOT GET IT IF YOU DO! 

So there are many things I cannot get here in Botswana or my budget just does not allow me to afford them. I have decided to put together a Care Package Wish List. The items on this list are not things I need but stuff you can send to me if you are planning on sending me a package but don't know what to send me. Also letters are just fine they cost less than $2 to send and recieving a letter from someone means more than you can imainge. Thanks for all the love and support! I miss you all!

Food Items:
Kool-AID, Gatoraide, Propell Fitness, Arizona Iced Tea, Crystal Lite drink packets
Skyline Chilli and Oyster Crackers
Mac and Cheese flavoring packets or Mac and Cheese boxes
Ramen Noodles
Any boxed foods (pasta-roni, stove top, etc. sometimes its nice to have some easy american food to cook)
Canned foods (soups, veggies, fruits, etc.)
Cliff Bars, Supreme Protien Bars, Luna Bars
Protien Powder
Meal Replacement Shakes
Chocolate (especially Reeses)
Trail Mix
Granola Bars
Pastachios, Almonds,Peanuts etc.
Chex Cereal
Chex Mix, Goldfish, Cheez-Its
Tea (green or flavored)
Dried fruit
Tortillias (soft or hard shells)
Beef Jerky
Tuna Packets
Freeze Pops (the ones that come in those plastic tubes)

Anything Else:
Deodorant (secret solid, goes on clear)
Micro-dermal Towel (quick drying)
Weekly planner for year 2012
Wet wipes

I have a new Address please send packages or letters to:

Stephanie "Refilwe"
PCV/USPeace Corps
Machaneng Clinic
P.O. Box 1
Machaneng, Botswana

Please do NOT send anything to the old address!! Peace Corps Headquarters in Gabs does not want to continute to get my mail. If you send to the old address I will get it but it will take a really long time and be a huge hassel. This new address is more direct. Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!

*If you do send me a package make sure to put on the Customs Sticker that the contents of the box are used clothes, books or religious materials and that the contents are no more than $30 no matter what you actually put in there. There are problems of people stealing things out of packages. If you write this it will ensure that the stuff you send to me gets to me.

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  1. We have an excellent Library in Francistown if you visit and ca collect books.

    Charmaine charmd3@gmail.com