Botswana Book Project

The Botswana Book Project was formed in 1998 by Pam Shelton to answer the immediate library needs of  northern Botswana. Since then it has served as a catalyst for literacy and library development throughout the country. The Botswana Book Project has brought countless books from America to schools throughout Botswana. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am one of the first on the list to grab as many books as I can carry and bring them back to schools in my village and the libraries I work with in Machaneng and Matlhako. 

How you can help: The organization is roughly $5,000 behind its goal in order to ship the books from the states to Botswana.  Any donation is welcome, and no amount is too small. 

If you have any books that you are willing to donate (here are the guidelines), they can be sent to the warehouse in Georgia.  From there, they will be shipped to Botswana at the end of March.  If it’s impossible for you to get books in by that time, don’t worry – the project is ongoing so they will need books for next year as well!