Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Technology is not my friend

So my computer crashed and I had to send it back to the states a few weeks ago. This means I will not be able to update my blog until I get it back :( I am very sorry but since I don't have a computer that means I have to use the internet at the Post Office in my village which gets a little expensive and is really slow. Just found out last night that the motherboard is fried from overheating. Guess it just couldn't take the Africian heat :( The good news is I will be getting a new computer for Christmas! Thanks Mom and Dad! Hopefully I will get that back in a few weeks. Just for a brief update: I have been fairly busy through the months of October and November. I will just list some of the things I have been doing. I went on a Safari at the Rhino Sanctuary, was a Judge for the Matlhako Library Preschool Beauty Pagent, Screened a STEPS video and had a great disscussion with the community about disclosing one's status, talking to children about HIV/AIDS, and stigmatization. I also helped plan our Sub-Districts Drama Competition and my village's Drama team won! They took home P500 and were extremely exited. Now I am getting ready for a get together with some of the other volunteers for Thanksgiving this weekend. I'm pretty sad I won't get to be with my family this year, but at least my mom sent me some of the family recipies to make here :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will try to upday when I can!