Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Time

I have been working with the preschool a lot lately, which is always fun and tiring at the same time. The kids always brighten my day and it makes me happy that they all know my name now! Usually I go in on Fridays and help out with the physical education lessons. One week I made a bunch of different sized circles numbered 1-10 and then spaced them out different distances. The children were to hop to the different circles in order, making sure they landed on the circles. Some of them had trouble hoping with two feet, but it was so funny to watch! The kids really enjoyed it!
Some of the kids hopping

This week, because of Good Friday and Easter I wouldn't be able to help with the Phys. Ed. Lesson, due to there being no school. I decided to come in this morning and help out with their craft activity. I told the Preschool Teacher that I would have something for them to do, so she wouldn't have to plan anything. It being Easter I had them practice their coloring, cutting , and pasting skills by making Easter Lily Flowers and Baby Chicks! As the kids were busy coloring and cutting the teacher asked me why during Easter time you see chicks, eggs, and flowers. I explained to her the eggs and baby chickens represent new life, just like when Jesus brought us new life by dying on the cross and rising on the 3rd day (Easter Sunday). Then I explained the Lilly's we were making are a type of flower that blooms during this time of the year in America. I had to explain to her that in America it is spring time so all the flowers are just starting to bloom. Here in Botswana it is getting colder and winter is almost upon us, no flowers blooming. Guess I didn't think about that when I decided to have them make Easter Lilies. They really enjoyed making them though and I think their crafts turned out very nice!

The Easter Chick and Lilly we were going to make

Some of the kids working on their chicks!

The Lilies Hung on Display

The finished product
After I left the preschool today I went to the Post Office to check my mail. I was pleasantly surprised to have 2 packages. One was from my friend Bri who is teaching English in South Korea! The box was a little damaged but I think everything was intact. Thanks Bri for all that awesome stuff you sent me! The other package was from my Mom and it was full of fun Easter things! Thanks Mom!

The box (damaged) that came from South Korea

All the goodies inside! Thanks Bri!
My Easter Package
All the yummy and fun stuff inside :)

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support you have shown me over this past year! I really appreciate it!

This weekend I will be celebrating Easter with some other volunteers in Maun look for an update about that in the next week or so!

Happy Easter!

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."  ~S.D. Gordon

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Year...

Exactly one year ago I woke up at roughly 3am to finish my packing say goodbye and head to airport to make my flight to Philly. One year ago I spent a night at a hotel with 56 other future Peace Corps Volunteers and started my journey. One year later I work up this morning packed my bag and got on a bus to GABS to stay in a Motel with a few other Peace Corps Volunteers and our Counterparts for a VAST Grant Workshop. Guess some things don't change too much....